Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Year and a... 5 months?

Now 6. Not quite a resumption of normal service. I've cleared away my workspace as part of a general rearrangement and tidy-up in preparation for the sale of my flat. No painting since Xmas ;/
All my wip's are lined out along my window sill. The past years new work still arranged on top of a drawer unit, but will have to be stowed if and when I have viewings.

So this entry is a composite of unfinished postings, wip's and previously unseen odds and ends. Painting figures is what this place is all about, so I'll get on with my modest eye candy.

This is a view of my (now former) painting station, plenty of WIP's going on, ideas a-plenty for the future, but the owner is in dire need of motivation...

(ok I can't find the photo, will get back to this later)

It gets a bit higgledy-piggledy from here on...

Olde draft:
"10 year WIPs, months old, weeks old... coming up to a full calender year since I started blogging. This is a selection of almost very nearly finished WIPs. Lets see if I can't finish most of them before end of November...

Priority: Sergeant Centurius and Brother Ezekiel - 12 bloody years they've been waiting!" 

And still they wait. To be fair though, I did some weathering on Centurius. It looks a mess in close up, but a good kind of mess.

Cut and paste from Project Ogre update (27-12-12)

Chaos Ogre. This overtook the Mutant Ogre in my painting queue.

One more for Project Ogre. A bit green. I used to have one years ago, and that was a positively psychedelic green. Far more subdued, this one, in keeping with my use of 'realistic' hues. Not totally finished, but enough to put varnish on to protect it, just need to find a larger shield (or sculpt my own maybe) and put finishing touches to the sword. And base it of course. The gold chaos symbol on the knee is totally unconvincing and needs to be non-metallic.

Mutant Ogre. I took inspiration from Paul Bonner's art book on this one.

I read, probably from an old White Dwarf, that this was notorious for shredding the molds it was cast in. No surprise that it was omitted from the 1988 catalog. Not as collectible as it maybe should be - so can be acquired at a reasonable price - probably on account of its sheer ugliness :)


For a future, sewer based diorama. Thanquol is already done, Felix and Gotrek are acquired. Might try ambient light effects, if not actual lighting in the scene, so putting this aside until when.

Now some actually finished paint-jobs:

AD&D Liche:

A bit dowdy, then again it was intentional to make it look like a denizen of a dry and dusty tomb. Needed a dark background but I can't be arsed to take a new photo.


This had been knocking around for decades. Base coated with a Humbrol Metalcote (gunmetal). Its a bit shit tbh. Depending on reference, the colour is either a decent match or way off. The fragile limbs meant I dare not attempt stripping it, so I stuck with it, black wash, black on the bits, no highlighting, just wanted it done. It was weird when I dotted white on the eye stalk - it immediately gained the essence of Dalek. Though I since realised the iris bit on these classic Daleks are double ringed. Bugger that for attention to detail.

Oh yeah. Chaos Marauder warband in progress:

This lot poses a problem: making them all look distinctive.

And this is what I have to show for a year and a bit of painting. Ignore the stuff at the back. Its not much but I'm pleased with them.


P.S. The next post will be a departure from miniatures, but it will be art related. I decided it wasn't worth starting a whole new blog just for a few piccies and links.


  1. Some excellent painting there, especially the blue skin and the mouth of the Mutant Ogre.

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