Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Sisters of Battle - Squad Box

A review, sort of. I'm not doing a blow-by-blow take on all the bits included, this will be general impressions.

While all GW army models have options nowadays, the Sisters are at another level for customization. Although not truly multi-pose because the torsos and legs are inseparable units, a skilled modeler can make custom poses from them with judicious cuts and some green stuff sculpting. True of any model of course, except the new Sisters provide so many starting points. Add in the Seraphim kits, where legs are no longer in gravity bound poses, leaping warriors and fallen casualties can be made easily.

When I first became aware of these new Sisters, it brought back into my mind an idea for a diorama I dreamed of making during the early years of this blog. I am not going into specifics until this is ready to reveal, 'cos I don't want to spoil the surprise. It will have Sisters, of course. Beyond that, I'm keeping mum. But I will say, if I can fulfill my ambitions, the Warhammer hobby community will lose their shit.

Now a photo...

It's the helmet under the arm that really transforms the component set. Such a small detail but it opens the way to extraordinary things. No left arm, sorted when I get the Seraphim set. 


Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Games Workshop and Plastic Waste

This is an awareness raising post.

So before I started writing this I did a Google and this petition came up, and is still live.   (it's if it looks a bit suss to you)

Please sign and share.

Glad that other hobbyists are as concerned as I am about the shocking proportion of wasted plastic that results from buying plastic kits from GW. Indeed, any kit from makers like Airfix and Tamiya. But in my estimation, GW are particularly at fault.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a box of new Sisters of Battle. Now don't get me wrong about my waste complaint, because I think these new SoB are truly fantastic. My next post will be a review of them and my plans for a battle diorama like no other.

But on the subject at hand, it splits me in two. The model are great, but there is so much leftover plastic! I want to weigh them (but can't), but at least a third is just sprue, in clean condition it can be ground up and melted again for the injection molding process.

Recycling is an appalling state in the UK. Some areas can recycle waste sprues, others can't. It would be a great move if GW can make some arrangements for hobbyists to bring their sprues to Games Day or Warhammer World.


Sunday, 20 October 2019

Mater Tenebrarum

This is here purely so I can post the image somewhere else. Saves having to upload to some crappy image host. You may well be thinking it's a bit rubbish, which is fine, because I made it nearly 20 years ago and never stuck with digital art creation. Consider it an essay as I taught myself Photoshop.

P.S. I am still deeply interested in miniature stuff. Just can't do any painting. This blog will return to life someday.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Chaos Cards Tabletop Gaming Centre (Folkestone, Kent)

Been aaaaaages since my last but I'm still around and still interested in little plastic and metal men and thingies.

I thought I'd do a simple plug for this new store in Folkestone. I'd seen it weeks earlier, could see it was a really nice gaming shop. Yesterday I casually dropped in and got talking to the shop manager. I asked if there were any people who play Kingdom Death. Just a couple it turns out. That should change when the store receives its Kickstarter copy of Monster 1.5 (and its extensions). I offered my services to help build the tons of models that come with it.

Anyway, if you're into any and all sorts of gaming, card games, tabletop battles, old fashioned Monopoly, etc., then this is a great destination. This is a shop by gamers, for gamers.  I wondered how they could afford such a extravagant shop, loads of tables, and it seems this was planned for some time ago. CC is an internet business first, going for ten years, then the time was right to use its capital and make a gamers paradise.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Of Nick Bibby...

Ohhhh dear, where has the time gone? Over two years since my last entry, two years of no hobby activity (aside from some purchases and a KS campaign or three.) The first year was an abstention through necessity (no time to spare, in other words), the second because model hobbies are all but impossible when living out of a suitcase. I should rename this blog: Diary of a Relapsed Painter!


Enthusiasts of Golden Age Citadel will know all about Nick Bibby. On many occasions I have wondered what he has been doing for the last 20 years, with little evidence of him on the internet. A few years ago I learnt that he has been dedicating himself to sculpting wildlife subjects, and eBay listings sometimes turn up these pre-painted cold castings of animal dioramas like wolves and eagles.

So what has changed? Turns out he is on Facebook. Not sure how long for, but I've been following him for over a year, maybe two. His work is nearly all about life-sized bronzes, and it is incredible stuff. As worthy of blogging as this all is, it pales next to the news of what he is now doing...

Yep. Its a dragon alright. I think this might be his first since the 90's. Waste no time and visit his FB page for more images. For the ardent hobbyist, he has described his method for building the wings. This is VERY interesting and one day I will apply this method to the Great Spined Dragon.