Sunday, 22 January 2012

Reaver Class Titan (1989)

Time for an old favourite. Number 340-odd on my inventory list of painted models, and 5 years on since I started in 1984. Technically scruffy painting by current standards, but the simple colour scheme - the rather intense reds set against the dark mechanics of the beast - help this work I feel. Not long after this I would lapse into non-painting for 3 years.

An utterly brilliant bit of design work by Jes Goodwin, a true classic in my book. Slightly regret selling the other variant now.


Thursday, 19 January 2012

Finished & Based 2 - Liche Knight

Double post today. Decided to call this a Liche Knight. I imagined this character being a former Chaos Champion raised from the dead by some Necromancer. Simple enough narrative fix to combine the bone armour with the chaos symbol on his pouch. I hope it looks suitably dark, ancient and up to no good.

Rather enjoyed modelling the sand around the skulls. I used very fine silver sand mixed with PVA. Its not really suitable in scale but the final result is pleasing enough. Required some green stuff to unify the figure and base, added some extra folds underneath where the cloak lifts up, which would otherwise be flat. An important small detail now that the figure is elevated and that area can be clearly viewed in the round.

Like the Chaos Lord, will be displaying this soon at my local GW store (Bluewater if you want to know).


Finished & Based 1 - Chaos Marine Lord

It took several years for me to start bothering to base my figures. Mainly because I always jumped from item to item. Item finished (painting), put it on a nice clean base, savour the new paint job, move on. Basing never got to be a habit. But now that I am painting again, basing is a must. First step is to base a figure *before* major painting begins. That way you can match base and figure with a colour palette and ensure tonal cohesion. I found that out on this Chaos Marine Lord. I got carried away with the painting, enjoying the novelty of a resin base, and didn't really appreciate the mismatch until I put the two close together.

I included this image because I really like the effect that depth of field has had. Kinda turns it into a comic style painting.

Anyway, I can now truly say that this figure is *finished* (he was more or less in an older post), and will be taken to my local GW store shortly.


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Fearless Frost Dragon (1993)

If there was a CMoN back in the early 90's, I would have posted this. Painting is 'Old School' by today's standards. The photo was taken just as an inventory shot, so nothing fancy about the set up, but its nice and clear with good depth of field.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Possible Eldar Scenery?

This is a bit of a detour from the usual post. Yesterday I was in the process of photographing old bits of work prior to sending them to landfill. I was happily snapping away, capturing fine detail, interesting colours, shapes etc, when my brain had a free association frenzy and gave me a really cool idea.

It was while photographing this that I imagined it as a ruined building...

Immediately I was reminded I had a second, which is THIS:

So a possible new project came to light. This would make for a great piece of wargaming scenery (after some appropriate painting). Either something Eldar/Dark Eldar, Necron, or just plain Alien. Now all I need to find is someone who would want such a thing.


Monday, 9 January 2012

Still here...

I had planned to do a new year entry on New Years Day. All good plans go awry. The activity graph says some folk are either dropping by to check or accidental views that Blogger lets surfers do if they are a-wandering through blogs.

So, for the benefit of readers who are actively checking on my blog - looks like there are about 4 of you :) - I will be doing a couple of entries. I'm merely pecking at the lead pile, a few minutes here and there, but I did recently finish off a classic Goodwin, namely his Gladiator Ogre, which I am quite pleased with.
I could spend a good hour picking away at the small details, some dirt and blood would be good for sure, but I'll deal with that when I base him.

Next time I will start to show off some highlights from my old 80's & 90's stuff.