Thursday, 17 May 2012

Apostate of Darkness

Sometimes it takes a bottleneck of frustration to kickstart the urge to get going. Still only painting by nano-metres though...

My first ever paint of a figure by Rackham. This was Mail Order Only: very Rare, and very Not Cheap to get hold of.

Only took 6 months to finish ;p

Not varnished yet and I'll likely touch up a few details, like giving the thick veins a stronger blue, darker red/black splashes of old dried blood on the gore-soaked blades... hmm...

Note: this is not a sign of an inner Viking, nor of repressed bloodthirsty rage... is it?  ;)


Thursday, 3 May 2012

More old stuff

Painting lapse now into third month. Can't be arsed. Easier to just stare at the half painted minis on my desk.

Until my lethargy ends, here is a big pile of old stuff... not resized, big image warning

Save the image, then zoom 100% for closer look.