Friday, 15 June 2012

Aspect Warrior Strike Force

This is my undefeated Eldar Army. Well, almost an army (its a bit small, hence the demotion). Undefeated 'cos they have never fought a battle in earnest. Been that way for twenty years now. For shame. Dug out a bit of old green beize to get an idea of how they would look on a gaming table. Which is like this:

I think they look alright.

Incidentally, this lot is available for sale.

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Stone Troll

Somewhat late, this post, seeing as I finished this only a couple of days after the Apostate. I took some inspiration from a paintjob by Ali McVey (Kifaro at Studio McVey), the result is the dark scales. Nowadays I apply a somewhat scientific thought process to my use of colour. No more 'Eavy Metal styled rubbish (bit of red here, bit of green there). If this monster was really real, what would look plausible? For the Apostate below, I took into consideration the colour of its blood, which I decided to make blue. From that starting point, all else follows naturally, with half a nod to fantasy, half a nod to realism.

Yes I know the base hasn't been done - my excuse is that I have two more of these to do now. These will be the first figures painted with the gaming market in mind. I think this job compares very favourably to those I looked at on eBay recently. 

Still painting... barely.