Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lair of the Lizard King (more Oldhammer)

Following up on the Great Arena of Tuth box set fluff, this is the sheet that came with Tom Meier's Lizard Warriors. This was already scanned, so not much effort required to post this.

full size scan >>

I think I spotted Dorian in someones blog... 

I'm sure this is him here:

I put out a request on the CCM Yahoo group, requesting info for fills on similar sheets. Absolutely no response. Deeply disappointing that.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Skaven Heroes & Chaos Champion

Two more recently completed PJ's. Thanquol gets a second airing as it was lurking in the early history of my blog, largely unseen, and I wanted to see how it looked alongside Deathmaster Snikch.

Thanquol is destined for a diorama, facing off with Boneripper against Felix and Gotrek. Boneripper is fairly advanced in its painting. White Dwarf readers with long memories might remember a story (by William King I think) about F & G and their venture into a sewer, wherein Boneripper's career as a living monster came to an end.

Chaos Champion, 'Bartok'... umm, had been mostly but not quite unfinished since 1994 (how badly I lapsed) Seen here with a stand-in, slightly overlarge Marauder shield.


Monday, 19 November 2012


A Halloween follow-up. Another Night Horror! Make that two - I'm on a roll...

Ghost (I love the fact that the tag reads 'Booo'...)

 Pleased with how this turned out, although it took a different direction than I intended. It has a strong old school feel I think. Painted just this weekend, so an uncommonly quick PJ. In the process of doing deep shading I experienced for myself something Mr Blanche describes about the way he uses inks (lets them thicken first). I have a very very old bottle of W&N burnt sienna, it had mostly set hard but I put some water in to see if I could rehydrate it. Sort of worked, The ink was very thick and very intense.


Had to wrestle with this one towards the end. An oversight meant I had to trim some metal from the fingertips and repaint them, and I'm not satisfied with the hands even after that. Also caught between two stools as I wanted a much more graphic look (i.e. comic style), but ended up with an a slightly uneasy compromise. Still, he looks good from a foot away, and its also kinda weird as I have only ever seen it in white undercoat (and bare metal in catalog) before this month. And now there he is, all painted and slightly shiny with (Vallejo Satin) varnish.

And here's a group shot.

Bases can wait  ;p


Something very mysterious happened to my blog after I posted 'Unintentional Halloween'. This small corner has a modest (but very appreciated and slowly growing) following. The most views up to now were for my Chaos Marauders entry at 250+ (the one with all the Blanche art, so unsurprising). Yet, the Halloween post has now gone through 300 views in a fraction of the time, and I have to wonder why that is.

Was glad to see the Great Arena getting a lot of views. Must be doing some things right.

Another 2 paint-jobs to show off soon.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Great Arena of Tuth - an Oldhammer post

I've recently been looking at some Oldhammer blogs, and I found myself thinking about this Warhammer 1st edition scenario that came with Tom Meier's Trogolodyte box set (a gorgeous set of figures).

I'd thought to present this scenario sheet as a bit of Very Oldhammer that is seldom seen. The Arena is one of several included with some of Citadels pre-slotta box sets. There was a two-parter scenario for Knights of Law and Chaos, another for Tom's Lizardmen, and others I'm sure. They were nice little extras and I bet not many have survived the years. I had always assumed this was written by Rick Priestley, but the credit shows it was done by Bryan Ansell himself. Devotees of Realm of Chaos should find this of great interest, as it contains quite a bit of exposition and portrays Chaos in a nascent form.

Click this for high res image>>

Way, waaay back I started making an arena from cardboard. Never got finished, not even in a plain form. The idea has stuck though. I'd still like to see a whole set, or adaptation thereof, suitable for events like Salute. Wouldn't mind making it myself. Small teams of gladiators fighting rooftop death-matches ought to appeal to traditional wargamers, analogous to a 20:20 cricket match. Are there such things going on already? Bloodbowl, Inquisitor, Necromunda... similar, but not quite like this.

Back to painting... 


Thursday, 8 November 2012

'twas brillig...

I spotted this Jabberwock in a GW store in Brighton, must have been during the late 80's. I had never seen it in flyers or advertised in White Dwarf. I knew immediately I had to buy it. There is only one problem (I have) with it - the silly little wings it was given, originally made for the range of Young Dragons. The rest of it, though, is superb stuff by Bob Olley.

A couple of years ago, when I had spare cash and going through a spate of classic Citadel collecting, I took another good look at it and decided it needed a decent pair of wings. Most wings of that time were sculpted by Nick Bibby, but the difference in the style of fine detail made them aesthetically unsuitable. Then during an eBay search I spotted these...

Perfect, and only a couple of quid. The scale is just right, the fine detailing has the right 'feel', even the tattiness works as well. Great big dark leathery wings...


I keep a half an eye on eBay to see what models are fetching price-wise. A mint boxed Jabberwock went for over £120 recently. Gobsmacking.

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Shelf, aka The Lead Pile

Picture post today. A pan and scan view of the shelf next to my desk, recently laden with as many undercoated figures as I can muster, and a couple of trays for good measure.

Here I had a resin model assembly blitz. Its not just classic citadel I like...

Looks familiar...

More on the Jabberwock later...

No shortage of things to paint! As I said in the last, the more I have ready to paint, the more likely I am to pick up a brush...