Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What I am doing now

As a way of getting my blog going, here is a work in progress, and the figure that broke a long 11 years of non-painting...

Bits to finish up: the axe, horns, trophy rack, and I have a base in progress.

11 years since I last put paint to miniature, actually 15 since I finished a figure to varnish point ;p
This run may last only 6 months (or less) before fate conspires to interrupt me again :-/

Much more soon...


First Entry - In the beginning & then a little later

Its usually a good thing for an artist to keep the first example of something or other, whatever the medium. In the case of my figure painting, I only have #2 to show (the first being a Tom Meier troglodyte (now stripped) very deserving of a top notch paint job). At the time, I only had five tubes of acrylic paint: thick, gloopy Windsor & Newton; Mars Black, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Crimson, and Cadmium Yellow. Along with the acrylics, I had a supply of Humbrol enamels, which provided a silver and an appallingly bad flesh shade. And no primer come to think of it. That was my state of things in 1984.

Roll forward a few years to Brother Captain Marcas of the Dark Angels 6th Company. My painting log book says it took roughly 380 paint jobs spread over 8 years to get to this point. 20 years on and it is still one of my favourite miniatures.