Thursday, 9 February 2012

Something Gribbly This Way Comes...

Chaos Champion on Palanquin of Nurgle (1994)

Another old favourite. I still find it interesting to look at, despite the fact it is really so horrible in its subject matter: worm ridden, half rotten.... bleugh.

It was experimental at the time and has many imperfections, mostly parts that look half finished. It presages the way I am painting lately, which is to build up depth and contrast and colour variation through multiple washes, in a wet-on-wet fashion. Nurgles' subjects present opportunities to be less than careful about how the colour is applied, messy and mixed up. The Champion is painted fairly conventionally, but for the other parts, I wanted them to feel like background, in a way influenced by an artist featured in White Dwarf #96, Ian McCaig.

I did something similar with an Ral Partha Imperial Dragon, a basic base coat on the treasure pile, then lots of mono-colour washes, getting deeper in tone away from the dragon.

I'll be adding some detail views here when get around to editing them.

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