Thursday, 1 March 2012

Project Ogre

Bypassing the McDeath promise for now, here are a bunch of classic, old school oggers for your visual enjoyment, and might even induce a giddy feeling of nostalgia if you are of a certain age.

So, halfway through my recent Project directive of 16 ogres now, though the photo above shows nine (it being a refugee from the AD&D line.) The left-hand 5 are all paint jobs from the early 90's, the rest all recent (2nd & 3rd from right only varnished last night). Will follow up on these two soon when I've edited the images.

And these are the rest, to be worked on who knows when, but I used up some black paint on the Chaos Ogre so I guess he will be next. I actually painted an example of that model soooo long ago it gives me temporal vertigo. Sold it for a fiver at a shop in Orpington. I wonder where it is now, along with 50-odd other painted minis...



  1. Nice coolection you´ve got there. After all these years this is still the best ogre range around (on ebay that is).

  2. I love the look of the old Ogre models! I need to get my collection started before it is too late!

  3. Very nice! I have just started collecting the old Jes Goodwin ogres myself and will hopefully have all of them (except the spiked mutant) including an AD&D ogre (hooded variant). Who knows when I will have the time to paint them =)

    1. Ah yes, the Mutant Ogre. I read somewhere that it was something of a mold shredder, and should be fairly rare, but doesn't seem to fetch much money on ebay when I've looked before.