Thursday, 17 May 2012

Apostate of Darkness

Sometimes it takes a bottleneck of frustration to kickstart the urge to get going. Still only painting by nano-metres though...

My first ever paint of a figure by Rackham. This was Mail Order Only: very Rare, and very Not Cheap to get hold of.

Only took 6 months to finish ;p

Not varnished yet and I'll likely touch up a few details, like giving the thick veins a stronger blue, darker red/black splashes of old dried blood on the gore-soaked blades... hmm...

Note: this is not a sign of an inner Viking, nor of repressed bloodthirsty rage... is it?  ;)



  1. You've done a superb job on a great fig! I love the metallics in particular

    1. Cheers Paul :)

      Toying with the idea of putting this on CMON. But, I think my style just doesn't fit their particular mold, so it'll just garner 5's & 6's I reckon...