Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Unintentional Halloween Post

This pair of Night Horrors just happened to get painted this month - no other reason. But, at least the theme is apposite. First, a Jes Goodwin Wight. Only took three days from first application of paint to varnish :-/

I confess to be very pleased at how well and how easily the Wight came out. I think my style is well suited to undead subjects. I would happily paint a whole army. Am annoyed that I sold nearly all the skellies I had.

Next, an Elizabethan Ghost from the Perry's. I was going to use an airbrush on the base. I cut out a rough mask to spray through for the glow area. Came unstuck when the white ink I had suitable for airbrushing turned out to be very thick and gloopy, even after some thinning with distilled water. Had to make do with dry brushing.

The painting was simples. It already had a 20 year old base coat of Citadel Electric Blue. I went over that with Horizon Blue to bring down the intensity (and garishness), followed by washes of blue with increasing amounts of white. This created a shading inversion to promote an ethereal effect. White shading, in other words. Slightly concerned that the head doesn't draw any focus, but that would do more to detract than add.

My basic lighting set up doesn't do anything to help bring the paintwork to life - they look so much better with the unaided eye. The Ghost needs a proper lighting tent to eliminate all that self-shadowing.

And. Earlier in the month I chalked up my 16th finished and varnished mini - a classic Nick Bibby Minotaur.

When budget allows I'll get some of those nice resin bases rather than muck about with milliput, though I have used some of that putty on my renovation of Nurgle's Palanquin. Hate using it.

There was a time I would paint like a demon. I would go three months straight doing nothing but paint and would do a hundred figures. Then something or other would come along and break the rhythm, and it would take weeks to get back into it. Weeks turning into months and then years.

The fact I had suddenly got three figs done, the Wight done over a couple of nights, is a good sign that my recent 'more is more' rationale is working. I've dug out every miniature that already has a coat of primer, primed a whole bunch more, assembled and primed even more, on the basis that the more things lying around begging to be painted, the more likely I am to get a sudden bout of inspiration and start chucking the paint on. The Wight was done like that.

To future productivity.

(and a happy All Hallows Eve)



  1. Niiiicee. Loving the night horrors, I'm a big fan of them lads. Old school!

    1. Will be trying to add a Vampire and an AD&D Liche before the month is out. Maybe you can me help decide what I should get finished first when I do a post on WIPs?

  2. Lovely stuff. I am a big fan of the Night Horrors and that Headless ghost is indeed a Perry classic. Strange to see that minotaur on your blog as I have just come into possession of the same sculpt.myself. I am a big fan of those Bibby minos and I have painted up quite a few over the last year or so! Keep up the old school godness!

    1. Cheers Orly. Bibby is still Best for me. Back in the good old days the only other sculptor (I can think of) who could match him for animal sculpting is Sandra Garrity (did some amazing work for Ral Partha). Sculpting standards have eventually caught up, but Bibby is still Best :)

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  4. I love your style of painting. That Wight has a touch of John Blanche to it which is great.

  5. You're very kind sir, thank you. Yes, JB was definitely an influence from my first collecting days and is still.