Friday, 14 July 2017

Chaos Cards Tabletop Gaming Centre (Folkestone, Kent)

Been aaaaaages since my last but I'm still around and still interested in little plastic and metal men and thingies.

I thought I'd do a simple plug for this new store in Folkestone. I'd seen it weeks earlier, could see it was a really nice gaming shop. Yesterday I casually dropped in and got talking to the shop manager. I asked if there were any people who play Kingdom Death. Just a couple it turns out. That should change when the store receives its Kickstarter copy of Monster 1.5 (and its extensions). I offered my services to help build the tons of models that come with it.

Anyway, if you're into any and all sorts of gaming, card games, tabletop battles, old fashioned Monopoly, etc., then this is a great destination. This is a shop by gamers, for gamers.  I wondered how they could afford such a extravagant shop, loads of tables, and it seems this was planned for some time ago. CC is an internet business first, going for ten years, then the time was right to use its capital and make a gamers paradise.

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