Wednesday, 7 December 2011

11 Years in the painting...

Not quite finished, but enough to present as finished. Shield will have some text - Runic text - of a phrase I not yet settled on. Bit of old and fresh blood on the axe maybe. I say it took 11 years (minimum) to finish this, it could well be closer to 15  : /

It has been interesting reading a recent Steve Buddle blog post about earthy and gritty painting styles. I followed the old 'Eavy Metal pattern from the 80's into the 90's. But during the brief period I painted in 2000/2001, I was trying out a more realistic approach. I didn't have to do an awful lot to this ogre (over the last week) except paint over the (awful) blue hair of the helmet, some judicious washing of reddish & dark browns and blacks, touching up here and there, some highlighting, some repair. The palette was nearly all buffs, greys, ochres, browns and blacks (i.e. black with a touch of the afore mentioned colours added). May as well add a photo of the 'inbetween' state [image deleted].

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