Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Hordes of Khorne...

 ...sort of. A very small horde (of six models). Or it was small until I dug out my painted foot-soldiers of chaos and added another Bloodthirster. Now I have quite a nice little warband I guess. I had never thought of them in that way.

So, some lovely, classic, true Realm of Chaos miniatures. These old Bloodletters still hold their own. Spindly but utterly lethal. I was seriously considering putting them up for sale, along with the two Juggers and the 'thirster on the left. But now I have changed my mind. And I can treble the numbers by including this little lot - dug out for the hell of it - and making a real army:

I stopped buying rulebooks decades ago, but I would always look at White Dwarf whenever possible. I kind of kept track at how Chaos has been developed and I dislike what has been done with the chaos powers. The original rulebooks were a great vision, backed up with unsettling art (Ian Miller in particular) and story (haunting bleak fatalism). It made - still makes - sense for each god to have antipathies and allies. Khorne versus Slaanesh, Nurgle versus Tzeentch. Now anything goes in a chaos army these days.



  1. I really impressive force there. I love the paint jobs you have given those Khorne boys. I agree with your views about Chaos. GW have been busy diluting Bryan Ansell's vision for the past twenty years but the Realm of Chaos books will always remain the greatest achievement for the company creatively.

  2. Very nice collection! Some wonderful old school favorites there...Looking forward to seeing your army grow. Totally agree with you as to 3rd edition vs. subsequent ones. I gave up on buying GW stuff after they came out with the 5th edition of fantasy battle. Refused to keep buying new books every five years for a game that increasingly became less imaginative and interesting to me. Just kept my old 3rd edition books and would play any time I could corner someone and force them to get a game going with me. It's great to run into people on the net who appreciate the old days...Good luck with your hordes!