Thursday, 12 July 2012

Some John Blanche worshipfulness... Chaos Marauders!

Back in the 80's I bought loads of stuff from Games Workshop. Warhammer 1st edition to start with, followed by 2nd, then 3rd, several supplement box sets, Siege, Armies, etc etc etc. Even had things like Block Mania and Chainsaw Warrior upon a time.

Now, all I have left is McDeath and for a little while longer Orc's Drift, which is right now up for sale on evilbay. And Chaos Marauders. I am leaving aside the fact I am still clinging on to the two volumes of Realm of Chaos.

Some while ago I checked out the set, thinking to sell it. Looked at the cards, could see they had gotten in a muddle (I'd sorted them years before), then figured it was well worth scanning them to keep a handy record of JB's superb artwork. And this lot is well worth sharing. If you are an orc player/painter/collector/other, then you'll maybe find these somewhat, something or other... bugger I can't think of an appropriate adjective. Add your own.

Anyways, on to the lovely artwork...

Its worth pointing out that the art on each card is unique - there are no duplications whatsoever. JB has to be applauded for putting in individuality where others would cop out.

Ah - inspirational, thats the adjective I was looking for. Just imagine an army of miniatures using this art as its basis. Mmmmm...



  1. Some of my favourite game artwork. I have this myself, and you'd have to pull it out of my cold, dead hands.

  2. One of my favorite game... JB Artworks are really interreting, Especially the chaotic landscape.