Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Games Workshop and Plastic Waste

This is an awareness raising post.

So before I started writing this I did a Google and this petition came up, and is still live.   (it's if it looks a bit suss to you)

Please sign and share.

Glad that other hobbyists are as concerned as I am about the shocking proportion of wasted plastic that results from buying plastic kits from GW. Indeed, any kit from makers like Airfix and Tamiya. But in my estimation, GW are particularly at fault.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a box of new Sisters of Battle. Now don't get me wrong about my waste complaint, because I think these new SoB are truly fantastic. My next post will be a review of them and my plans for a battle diorama like no other.

But on the subject at hand, it splits me in two. The model are great, but there is so much leftover plastic! I want to weigh them (but can't), but at least a third is just sprue, in clean condition it can be ground up and melted again for the injection molding process.

Recycling is an appalling state in the UK. Some areas can recycle waste sprues, others can't. It would be a great move if GW can make some arrangements for hobbyists to bring their sprues to Games Day or Warhammer World.


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  1. It is here in the States also. There was a mini company that would give you a credit on buying new minis when you sent them your frames. They got bought out by a larger firm and that ended.