Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Sisters of Battle - Squad Box

A review, sort of. I'm not doing a blow-by-blow take on all the bits included, this will be general impressions.

While all GW army models have options nowadays, the Sisters are at another level for customization. Although not truly multi-pose because the torsos and legs are inseparable units, a skilled modeler can make custom poses from them with judicious cuts and some green stuff sculpting. True of any model of course, except the new Sisters provide so many starting points. Add in the Seraphim kits, where legs are no longer in gravity bound poses, leaping warriors and fallen casualties can be made easily.

When I first became aware of these new Sisters, it brought back into my mind an idea for a diorama I dreamed of making during the early years of this blog. I am not going into specifics until this is ready to reveal, 'cos I don't want to spoil the surprise. It will have Sisters, of course. Beyond that, I'm keeping mum. But I will say, if I can fulfill my ambitions, the Warhammer hobby community will lose their shit.

Now a photo...

It's the helmet under the arm that really transforms the component set. Such a small detail but it opens the way to extraordinary things. No left arm, sorted when I get the Seraphim set. 


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