Thursday, 19 January 2012

Finished & Based 1 - Chaos Marine Lord

It took several years for me to start bothering to base my figures. Mainly because I always jumped from item to item. Item finished (painting), put it on a nice clean base, savour the new paint job, move on. Basing never got to be a habit. But now that I am painting again, basing is a must. First step is to base a figure *before* major painting begins. That way you can match base and figure with a colour palette and ensure tonal cohesion. I found that out on this Chaos Marine Lord. I got carried away with the painting, enjoying the novelty of a resin base, and didn't really appreciate the mismatch until I put the two close together.

I included this image because I really like the effect that depth of field has had. Kinda turns it into a comic style painting.

Anyway, I can now truly say that this figure is *finished* (he was more or less in an older post), and will be taken to my local GW store shortly.


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