Thursday, 19 January 2012

Finished & Based 2 - Liche Knight

Double post today. Decided to call this a Liche Knight. I imagined this character being a former Chaos Champion raised from the dead by some Necromancer. Simple enough narrative fix to combine the bone armour with the chaos symbol on his pouch. I hope it looks suitably dark, ancient and up to no good.

Rather enjoyed modelling the sand around the skulls. I used very fine silver sand mixed with PVA. Its not really suitable in scale but the final result is pleasing enough. Required some green stuff to unify the figure and base, added some extra folds underneath where the cloak lifts up, which would otherwise be flat. An important small detail now that the figure is elevated and that area can be clearly viewed in the round.

Like the Chaos Lord, will be displaying this soon at my local GW store (Bluewater if you want to know).



  1. That's a proper good job there! Sold that mini a year ago or so, which I'm sorely regretting. Suitably grimy and dark, I especially like the rust on the blade. Very nice!

  2. Thanks for the kind remarks phreedh. The secret behind the rust is Daler-Rowney Translucent Red Oxide, which I bought for a different purpose entirely, but happily part of my painting arsenal now.