Monday, 9 January 2012

Still here...

I had planned to do a new year entry on New Years Day. All good plans go awry. The activity graph says some folk are either dropping by to check or accidental views that Blogger lets surfers do if they are a-wandering through blogs.

So, for the benefit of readers who are actively checking on my blog - looks like there are about 4 of you :) - I will be doing a couple of entries. I'm merely pecking at the lead pile, a few minutes here and there, but I did recently finish off a classic Goodwin, namely his Gladiator Ogre, which I am quite pleased with.
I could spend a good hour picking away at the small details, some dirt and blood would be good for sure, but I'll deal with that when I base him.

Next time I will start to show off some highlights from my old 80's & 90's stuff.


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