Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Great Arena of Tuth - an Oldhammer post

I've recently been looking at some Oldhammer blogs, and I found myself thinking about this Warhammer 1st edition scenario that came with Tom Meier's Trogolodyte box set (a gorgeous set of figures).

I'd thought to present this scenario sheet as a bit of Very Oldhammer that is seldom seen. The Arena is one of several included with some of Citadels pre-slotta box sets. There was a two-parter scenario for Knights of Law and Chaos, another for Tom's Lizardmen, and others I'm sure. They were nice little extras and I bet not many have survived the years. I had always assumed this was written by Rick Priestley, but the credit shows it was done by Bryan Ansell himself. Devotees of Realm of Chaos should find this of great interest, as it contains quite a bit of exposition and portrays Chaos in a nascent form.

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Way, waaay back I started making an arena from cardboard. Never got finished, not even in a plain form. The idea has stuck though. I'd still like to see a whole set, or adaptation thereof, suitable for events like Salute. Wouldn't mind making it myself. Small teams of gladiators fighting rooftop death-matches ought to appeal to traditional wargamers, analogous to a 20:20 cricket match. Are there such things going on already? Bloodbowl, Inquisitor, Necromunda... similar, but not quite like this.

Back to painting... 



  1. I've got some of those lovely old Meier Lizardmen and Trogs nearing the business end of the painting queue so I was very interested to hear of scenarios that were released with the original box sets.

    I like the idea of the arena and it'd be great (and very manageable!) for shows. Can't think of anything similar, although I seem to remember someone posting nice little battle reports of a very detailed one on one combat system that pitted two Roman gladiators together - might have been on the LAF or one of the blogs I follow.

  2. I love posts like this. Thanks for posting! Am building a force of Meier trogs as well (though they are way back in the queue atm) and may work some of this material into their story and possibly set up such an arena.

  3. Thanks for posting this!
    Those lizardmen are particular favorites of mine. Though I've been shy about painting them.
    I'm guessing that if I lined up my all-time favorite sculpts a good number of them would be by Mr. Meier... his figures have a great illustrative quality to them... they remind me of drawings in old children's books.

  4. My trogs were some of the first minis I ever bought. Opening the old box always has that indefinable nostalgia. I have the Lizardmen as well, and I'll post the scenario sheet that came with them soon.

  5. Reading through this... it's interesting that the Chaos city, Horvenghaast, seems to be a fairly cosmopolitan place... visited by folks who want to bet or participate in the gladitorial contests. The followers of Chaos come off as decadent pirates rather than sociopathic madmen.