Saturday, 24 November 2012

Lair of the Lizard King (more Oldhammer)

Following up on the Great Arena of Tuth box set fluff, this is the sheet that came with Tom Meier's Lizard Warriors. This was already scanned, so not much effort required to post this.

full size scan >>

I think I spotted Dorian in someones blog... 

I'm sure this is him here:

I put out a request on the CCM Yahoo group, requesting info for fills on similar sheets. Absolutely no response. Deeply disappointing that.



  1. Underground adventuring, Lizard Kings (and all the Fighting Fantasy connotations that conjures up) and Tom Meier's lovely old lizardmen minis - what's not to love!

    Shame about the response from CCM - as I said last time, these scenarios are completely new to me. Thanks again!

  2. Interesting to see a Warhammer scenario where one side consists of a single character. Pretty cool.

  3. Thanks for posting! I wish they would have included tips about how to set up the tunnels on the table, and am curious whether the designer used paper floor plans, more robust scenery, etc, and whether it was played through before or after writing or just shot from the hip and forgotten about. It's a bit odd the traps locations seem to be known to both players and they don't move from game to game, even though it's suggested you play through the scenario several times. Anyway, a wonderful and curious artifact and maybe I'll try it once I get my Meier lizardmen painted.

    btw I awarded you a Liebster Award, a chainletter type award you may have seen going around the gaming blogosphere recently:

    1. Cool. Thanks for that.

      I'll be adding the only other scenario sheet I have when I get round to scanning it, which may be sooner rather than later I think. It's a shame I lost one, because it was the second part of a campaign :/