Thursday, 8 November 2012

'twas brillig...

I spotted this Jabberwock in a GW store in Brighton, must have been during the late 80's. I had never seen it in flyers or advertised in White Dwarf. I knew immediately I had to buy it. There is only one problem (I have) with it - the silly little wings it was given, originally made for the range of Young Dragons. The rest of it, though, is superb stuff by Bob Olley.

A couple of years ago, when I had spare cash and going through a spate of classic Citadel collecting, I took another good look at it and decided it needed a decent pair of wings. Most wings of that time were sculpted by Nick Bibby, but the difference in the style of fine detail made them aesthetically unsuitable. Then during an eBay search I spotted these...

Perfect, and only a couple of quid. The scale is just right, the fine detailing has the right 'feel', even the tattiness works as well. Great big dark leathery wings...


I keep a half an eye on eBay to see what models are fetching price-wise. A mint boxed Jabberwock went for over £120 recently. Gobsmacking.

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