Thursday, 12 April 2012

Gnarly Dragons

Dragon Ogre (1989)

A venerable member of my collection, as well as a (personal) all time favourite paint job. In those early years I was inspired much more by John Blanche's paintings than by his own miniatures (apart from his Minotaur, which is still and always will be amazing). I took my visual cues from the cover art from some Warhammer roleplay supplement, which featured a lone fighter crossing a causeway through rough seas to a decrepit old keep. The colours in it were an inspiration; I wanted to give my Ogre a similar feel, with deep, rich contrasts. Paint job is very much 'of its time' and very personal.

Mordax, Great Imperial Dragon (1993)

Very old, very gnarly, very not quite dead. Another one from my Bright period. I just wish I hadn't used purple on the wings. Does. Not. Work! Can't bring myself round to overpaint it, even though I want to.

Must get some NEW stuff done...



  1. Very nice on both of those.
    I really should put paint to my dragon ogre sometime soon. At one time I didn't care for his sculpt that much... but he's grown on me.

  2. The Dragon Ogre is one of my all time favourite and as yet unowned minis - great job on the colour scheme.

    Mordax is pretty impressive too - even with the purlple ;)

  3. Cheers guys. Sad to say that the Dragon Ogre has now left my collection, but is at least in the hands of one very serious and careful collector, Richard H of SoL.