Monday, 9 April 2012

Goad to Self #2

On the premise that writing a blog will help induce me to finish a project, here is something almost completely irrelevant to miniature painting, but nonetheless related by subject matter.

Mucking about with clay is something I'd like to do far more often, but circumstances and my fickle mood get in the way. So I had this old lump of clay knocking about, just enough to form up into a head sized vessel. I've had this in mind for ages, something a bit different from my usual 'arty' ceramics. Don't be too critical of my efforts, although constructive crit is welcome. If it looks a bit asymmetrical, well, he is meant to be an ugly monster and its at least partially deliberate...

Teeth and eye are Fimo, waiting to be baked, but it just occurred to me to have a look for a taxidermy eye.

Painting it is another matter too. Being life sized, techniques will necessarily be different, more akin to special effects prosthetic mask painting. This means I get to use my airbrush for a change.

The inspiration was these lovely chaps, which are in turn inspired by JB's almost ubiquitous demon face in 1980's GW stuff. Fans of old Citadel should recognise them:

Time to shut up.


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