Saturday, 7 April 2012


Since the destruction of my dedicated desk, all painting has pretty much ceased. This is despite the fact I have a small area to work on my computer desk. What's stopping me? Having a computer RIGHT NEXT to the painting station is enormously distracting; it just sucks away all my time and attention. I've known for a number of years that sitting at a computer 'narrows the mind'. I forget where I saw the article, probably in New Scientist. But studies have been done, I know that.

Anyway, long month no blog. I am having my 'nth' sweep out of miniatures to evilbay, and this time, for urgent financial reasons, I'm selling some old painted stuff from pre-lapsed days. So, this blog is a memorial to paint jobs I will soon no longer possess.

In no particular order, here they come...

Fantasy Zoat (1992)
Zoats, particularly the two fantasy variants, tend to sell for a few quid. Will find out how much a half-decent painted example will fetch. Painted during my 'bright' period: I had noted how deep and dark a lot of my early stuff was, so I purposely went a bit over the top. Towing the Citadel line ;p

Pink Horrors (1992)
More over-the-top colour from the same year ;p

Chaos Terminators (1992)
This is more like it. Same year, some hard red colour but altogether darker and deadly. This was the one and only year I painted with armies in mind, so I got some exercise in mass painting. Didn't really enjoy it that much, I much prefer doing individual characters, and I think I like painting chaotic and evil subjects most of all (go see my newer stuff).

Zombie Dragon (1993)
A paint job to match the John Blanche box cover art. Not great, not awful.

More, much more, to come, and go, never to be seen again...



  1. Those Chaos termies are awesome! Just the thing for cleansing a space hulk...

    1. Thanks :)
      As it happens they are on eBay right now...

      I think I did have Space Hulk in mind for these, but its a game I never got to play.